In today’s day and age of health conscious food trends and the importance given to organically grown produce, we at Vithu Mauli Oil Mill strive to ensure that such organic, wholesome and nutritional products are made available to you.

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Groundnut oil is among the most common oils found in indian kitchens. With a high smoke point it is suitable for regular high heat cooking, the flavours are just the side benefit.
Yes, Coconut oil can solidify at low temperatures this is due to the fact that made up of a number of different fatty acids, all of which have their own distinct melting points. The fatty acids with higher melting points are the reason this oil solidifies.
With 80% fatty acids that are saturated making it resistant to heat is a good choice when it comes to high heat cooking, can last for months without going rancid.
Other than cooking, which is done in many gujarati homes, this oil can be be used for various purposes such as massage, base oil or carrier oil.
Yes, it can foam on heating, you can avoid this by throwing a pea sized tamrind.
Compared to sunflower oil, safflower oil has better overall nutrition, while having some similarities as high smoke point essential for high heat cooking & a neutral flavour, necessary for many recepies.
Mustard oil has a delicate pungent and a nutty flavour for exclusive taste.
Glucosinolate available in this oil amount for anti-bacterial & antibiotic properties. allyl-isocyante serves as a anti-microbial agent, thus serving as a therapeutic for human health.